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The mission of Death Activism is to help you live life to the fullest by becoming more comfortable with one of life’s most taboo topics. Death Activism is a passion project, developed by Cassie Barrett, to ignite conversation, dispense hard-to-find information, and offer educational tools and practices in a culture that doesn’t prepares most people for death.

Death Activism: Bringing Death Back To Life

Our culture is not only afraid of death – death has become a phobia and a taboo. This has led to an unwillingness to talk about death – even think about death – and as a result, many people do not prepare for their death or know the wishes of their loved ones. It doesn’t have to be this way. What if we stopped looking at death as something “morbid,” and instead embraced it as a natural and normal part of life? What if we we were able to get more comfortable with death and dying? How would that change the way we live our lives? Death Activism believes that the effect would be positive and profound.

Death Activism aims to bring death out of the shadows and back into life as something we talk about instead of avoid.

Facing death is difficult, so let’s do it together! The whole point of this site is to look death in the face, leaning into the discomfort of it, and taking steps to engage with it. When we become more comfortable with the fact that we are going to die, we can experience greater freedom and excitement for life, leading to both a better life and death.